Artemis 251 Randomizer

July 30, 2022
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  • Very unique type-based color palette system really changes up the experience of randomizing pokemon types.
  • It's a Pokemon Randomizer.
  • It's a Pokemon Randomizer.
  • Not as full featured as some more modern Randomizers.
3.5/5 Stars


A Pokemon Emerald randomizer that does a lot of the standard randomization, but adds one unique feature: the type randomizer will change the palettes of the pokemon to indicate what type they are now. IE Grass Pokemon are typically green.

Randomized Color Palette by Type

Major Features

  • Randomize all Pokemon
  • Randomize Trainer titles
  • Randomize TMs
  • Randomize Types, Stats, Abilities, Hold Items, and Movesets
  • Assign type-related palettes to indicate what randomized type they are now.
  • Remove trading evolution requirements
  • TMs can be found in stacks of 90.


I've never seen this type-based color palette feature in a randomizer before. It really adds some fun to the discovery of what new types the Pokemon have. My electric/poison bulbasaur was yellow with a purple bulb while my steel/bug houdour was gray and pale green. It's a really fun gimmick and I hope some

I found moves a bit weird since I played with about every random option on, but this feature and the general fun of a randomizer kept me interested all the way through. Do wish there was the ability to add the Physical/Special split though. I'd love for other more modern randomizers to adopt this feature in future.