Brown Version - Special Teddiursa Edition

September 30, 2022

Don't Want to Read?

Pokemon Yellow, but with Teddiursa instead of Pikachu. Also Teddiursa is now the best pokemon in the game.
  • Amazing job in updating the graphics for Teddiursa, parts of the intro do look a bit silly, but Teddiursa looks great.
  • Unusual, but fun choice of swapping out the potion in your PC for a soda pop, allowing for sequence breaking access to saffron immediately.
  • Teddiursa's stats are boosted and he can learn literally every single TM and HM, taking away anything that remotely resembles a challenge from the game.
3/5 Stars


A simple RomHack of Yellow that has Teddiursa instead of Pikachu!

Major Features

  • Full opening updated to have Teddiursa instead.
  • Boosted stats for Teddiursa, including full HM/TM access.
  • Color changes to accommodate Teddiursa.
  • Surf House completely removed.


Simple and fun little ROM hack. Honestly surprised I haven't seen more yellow hacks that swap out pikachu for the hacker's favorite Pokemon. Though considering the amount of new graphics required for this does likely explain it. I really liked all the graphics upgrades and the fun of having a Soda Pop in my PC at the beginning allowing me to sequence break Saffron city.

I did quickly realize Teddiursa was way too powerful and I decided to solo with him instead and basically never had a fight that was remotely threatening. He does make the game a bit of a pushover, but I still had fun with it because Pokemon Yellow is just a cute little game that's worth playing in a different way.