Kalos Crystal

July 30, 2022

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Pokemon Crystal, but with the Pokemon from Kalos and Unova instead of Johto and Kanto. Experience the original Crystal, but with a completely different set of Pokemon.
  • Really fun concept, loved playing the original with a different cast of Pokemon.
  • Evolution stones are easier to find than in the originals.
  • No ease of use additions, so you are dealing with existing Gen II gameplay.
4.5/5 Stars


The sequel to Unova Red, Kalos Crystal is the same concept, but it now contains Kalos Pokemon as well. So this is an imagined Gen II to Unova Red's Gen I, only Unova and Kalos pokemon are available and Fairy type is added (Fairy deals Special damage and Ghost has been modified to be Special while Dark is Physical). Some new moves are added to give Fairy Pokemon STAB moves and evolutions updated to allow for you to catch 'em all without trading. The game is a faithful representation of Gen II outside of the pokedex updates. New overworld encounters are again added due to the higher number of legendaries.

Major Features

  • Pokedex is fully replaced with Gen V and VI pokemon.
  • Fairy type added and counts as Special
  • Ghost modified to be special, Dark modified to be physical
  • Moves changed to provide STAB coverage for Fairy and handle the new Pokemon list.
  • New evolution methods to allow you to evolve all pokemon in one save file.
  • Ruins of Alph is empty until you solve all four puzzles.


I loved Unova Red, and I loved this one. I love playing through a Pokemon game with a completely different set of Pokemon, especially since in this game this results in a completely different set of team options. I played through with an all-bug team since both Unova and Kalos have a lot of fun bug Pokemon and enjoyed it a lot (I did have to carry around a ducklett for dungeons though). Again, some of the legendaries have odd locations, but it does the best it can with them and they mostly make sense. Unlike Unova Red, there is no challenge mode, so whether or not this interests you is entirely based on if you think playing through Crystal with Kalos and Unova Pokemon is interesting like I do. There are no real updates outside of this, no ease of use, no gameplay updates. Just Crystal with some different Pokemon.