Nuzlocke PokeRed

August 21, 2022

Don't Want to Read?

Pokemon Red, but it enforces Nuzlocke Rules.
  • It does what it says.
  • Uses the safari zone variant where you can catch one in each screen so if you want to play with that you can, if not, you can use your own self control.
  • Can't really cheat it without save states as the game save is wiped at the start of every single battle then resaved at the end of battle.
  • You can't catch anything in Route 1 as you see your first wild Pokemon before you get any balls.
5/5 Stars


This one is incredibly simple: It enforces Nuzlocke rules on Pokemon Red.

Major Features

  • fainted pokemon disappear at the end of battle.
  • Can only catch first pokemon encountered on route. Professor Oak will tell you that you cannot use Pokeballs past that first wild Pokemon battle.
  • Game Save is wiped at the start of battle, and saved at the end of battle. No save-scumming
  • You must nickname your pokemon.
  • If you blackout, your game is wiped and you return to main menu.


Very simple ROM Hack, it enforces the Nuzlocke rules. It does so well and this was the first time I really gave it a shot. I unfortunately lost my team at the Champion fight (got Hyper Beamed a few times), but I had fun with the attempt. Not much to say, if you want to do a nuzlocke of Pokemon Red, this helps keep you honest and saves you the trouble of having to box any that faint or anything.