Play as Blue!

October 14, 2022

Don't Want to Read?

Pokemon Blue, but you can play as Blue!
  • Blue graphics look good and are fully implemented as does Red as your rival.
  • Eevee as a starter for the Yellow reference is nice and appreciated, even if the dialogue for starters is off and not updated.
  • Gen 6 typing and Running Shoes help update the game while keeping the Gen 1 feel.
  • Hard mode option is welcome, but curves a bit high towards the end with legendaries added to boss battles throughout.
4/5 Stars


A simple restyling of Blue with Blue as t he protagonist and Red as the rival with Gen 6 typing and Running Shoes as slight upgrades.

Major Features

  • Play as Blue!
  • Catch all 151!
  • Gen 6 Typing!
  • Running Shoes!
  • Hard Version!
  • Eevee available as a starter!


Simple and fun little ROM hack. It's nothing huge, but I enjoy the character swaps that also add starter changes. The typing updates and running shoes are nice, but don't set the world on fire. It was nice to see the rival have unique 'dialog' and new Red sprites, and I was also glad to see the trainer house updated right as well.

I played through with the difficulty patch and it added legendaries to the major battles at several points. I enjoyed the difficulty version, but it got a bit grindy towards the end. All in all, a fun hack and just a slightly different way to experience Gen I.