Pokemon Bronze

July 18, 2023

Don't Want to Read?

A hack similar to Pokemon Brown, meant to be a new game in Generation II. Mimicking a normal Pokemon game with a standard gym leaders, evil team, and Elite Four storyline in the land of Kohto south-west of Kanto.
  • Good environment aesthetics with more varied terrain.
  • Interesting Gyms and a battle with Gold to mirror Red in GSC.
  • Team Racket being a bunch of criminal teens is fun.
  • Level curve can swing in both directions a bit in the middle.
  • Routes can be very similar causing confusion when exploring.
  • The path forward can be a bit confusing at time, requiring some odd backtracking.
  • No legendaries to speak of.
3/5 Stars


A brand new Pokemon adventure in the Kohto region with some very light content in the Kanto region. This is a brand new storyline with new gyms, maps, and characters. Also two fakemon and a pokemon from a future generation brought back.

Major Features

  • A whole new region of Kohto southwest of Kanto.
  • A "best of" series of starters with Totodile, Charmander, and Pikachu.
  • New trainer sprites for protagonist, rival and other trainers.
  • Pumbloom from game grumps and missingno available as fakemon


Pokemon Bronze is a pretty straightforward custom region rom hack. It feels fairly similar to Johto overall, but has some interesting areas and concepts such as rival sibling gym leaders leading to two gyms in one town. The routes can be a bit confusing to navigate overall due to their similar looks and criss-cross nature. However, some of the new tiles and map types (such as a parking garage with slick oil spills) do make it feel like a new game.

The level curve is a bit rough, with parts being too easy and a couple spots having a higher level spike. The lack of any real side areas affects this as well as the post-game being limited to just a superboss with no legendaries.

Overall, I'd describe Bronze as "fine." I had a good time with it, but it was nothing to write home about. Good if you want a playthrough of a more vanilla Gen 2 experience.