Red ++

July 28, 2022

Don't Want to Read?

It's Pokemon Red with the physical/special split, all future typings, some future evolutions, unlimited TMS and all sorts of other improvements to bring it more in line with modern games. Also there's a hard mode version!
  • Tons of great modernization features that still keep the Gen I feel.
  • Hard mode isn't too hard and provides some fun changes to a classic game.
  • Wonder Trade and expanded Pokemon roster allow for a lot of variety in team comp. through multiple playthroughs
5/5 Stars

What Is it?

Red++ is a modernization hack of Pokemon Red, trying to be a definitive version of the original. It brings the physical/special split, dark/steel/fairy types, some new pokemon from later generations, genders, some item descriptions, unlimited TMs, a few new locations, and a lot of quality of life features around items, faster movement, and general bug fixes.

There's also a hard mode version of the ROM that changes up the levels and teams of trainers and gym battles, as well as a 'snow' version of each that just makes it look like winter time in Kanto if you want to just slightly change up the look of the game.

Major Features

  • Fixes most major bugs from gen 1
  • Gender Selection for the player character
  • Running Shoes, faster surfing and a faster bicycle
  • Full color! (It's now a Gameboy Color game)
  • Physical/Special split is backported from gen 4
  • Dark, Steel, and Fairy Types
  • Some new pokemon backported from future generations as well as future evolutions for gen 1 pokemon
  • Movepools mostly match Pokemon X and Y
  • Berry Trees
  • Pack is much bigger
  • New "event" locations
  • Breeding
  • An offline "wonder trade" feature that allows you to trade a pokemon for a randomly chosen other pokemon that is obtainable at its level.
  • Shiny Pokemon
  • Move Tutors
  • Move Deleters
  • Move Relearners


I really enjoyed this one, particularly because it offers an offline "wonder trade" that will let you trade out any pokemon for another randomly chosen (non-legendary) pokemon that could be found at that same level at a PC in every Pokemon Center. I think I'm going to come back to this one day in the future to do a challenge run where I wonder trade out after every gym battle.

I played through on the hard mode that changes up the level curve and some of the enemy teams and some areas were challenging, but by the end I was steamrolling again (Sylveon is OP). I did appreciate a slightly higher challenge throughout the game though.

All of the ease of use features are welcome around having a larger pack and movement speed especially. I always appreciate Gen I-III games having the physical/special split as well since it really does allow for a lot more interesting team composition. Especially in this hack since it is a catch 'em all hack that adds a few more Pokemon throughout the game.

Some of the changes are different enough that I wouldn't call this the "definitive version of Red" as I feel like something more faithful to the original experience would better hold that title. However, it's a great version of Red and definitely worth a playthrough and I would 100% recommend this hack to anyone.